“Video Game is not just a Game. They Expand our lives, Unleash our imagination, Test our skill and Connect us with each other”

Reign Alter World

is a Free-to-Play and Play-To-Earn

Survival Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) which will bring the player into a lot of new experience of gameplay and ways to earn through in-game SUSTAINABLE ECONOMY AND POLITICAL SYSTEM by inGame Currency and Token Utility

In the game, players will mine resources that can be processed in several stages until they can be converted into TOKEN or used to develop characters in the game. Each mining process will be taxed by the governor and mayor, which can also be converted into TOKEN by the governor and mayor. However, to accelerate the growth of regions and districts, governors and mayors need taxes and players themselves to win the wars.

The players will also receive income from governors, mayors, or chief in the form of in-game currency that can also be converted into TOKEN. All players who have token RAWS in their wallet, have the opportunity to invest in the game through one of the region's systems. This system is useful for helping other players’ economies in the game through features in the system. This system also provides income for governors and investors

The Free-to-Play (F2P) player can start as a SURVIVAL player in the Metaverse Apocalypse. Struggle against destruction, unite or fight with other players, gather for life

They can choose as GOVERNOR to have sovereignty and rule over the territory claimed with the help of advisors and majors. Unite and rule the CIVILIAN, also fight together take control other REGIONS and The Growth is yours

RAW : Hunter

Season 1
+ Multiplayer Dungeon Labyrinth
+ Bounty Hunter
+ ANT Hunt Leaderboard

RAW : Survival

Season 2
+ MMO Role Player Games
+ Treasure Hunter
+ Last Man Stand Tournament

RAW : Metapocalypse

Season 3
+ Tactical Wars Games
+ Territory War
+ Domination War

RAW : Alter Wars

Season 4
+ Battle Arena
+ District War
+ Death Match
+ Region War
+ Battle Royale
+ Nation War

RAW : Thorium Era

Season 5
+ ForceSwap Suit
+ Reign Alter Wars


FROM 160


FROM 480


FROM 640


FROM 2560


FROM 5120

Potential Revenue

of NFT and Item
Play2Earn Booster.

Region Sovereign Stake Fund
Advisor Nonfungible Token
FreeZone Nonfungible Token
District Nonfungible Token
Personal Drone Assistant
Compact Thorium Reactor

Road Map
to follow.

RAW: Hunter Phase I

Website Launch! | Starting COMMUNITY

Pitch Deck | Whitepaper

RAW: Hunter Prototype

RAW: Hunter Trailer & DEMO

Token Smart Contract Audit

RAWBank Smart Contract

Welcome COMUNITY Event

RAW: Hunter Phase II

RAW: Hunter ALPHA Test

Funart COMMUNITY Event

RAW: Hunter BETA Test

First Continent Launch

Token Generating Event


RAW:Hunter BETA Event

RAW: Hunter Phase III

RAW:Hunter Android Release

RAW:Hunter iOS & PC TestFlight

RAW:Hunter Android Publish

RAW:Hunter iOS & PC Release

NFT Smart Contract Audit

Initial NFT Offering


Our Team

turn our imagination
into a playable reality.

Gregorius BS [Founder | CTO]

Founder jsiproduction
4 Years Experiences as Website Programmer and 7 Years Experiences as Full-Stack Game Developer.

Yohanes TB [Co-Founder | CEO]

Founder warnamural
8 Years Experiences as Mural Artist and 5 Years Experiences as Game Artist and Game Animator.

Tongam IH [QA | CMO]

8 Years Experiences as Network Provider Services Entrepreneur and 4 Years Experiences as Game Designer and Expert Gamers.

Joo Yong Chin [Blockchain Advisor]

CEO at Shield Games Pte Ltd
6 Years Experiences as Blockchain Advisor and Strategy Advisor at Blockchain related Industy.

Our Partner

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to Them All.